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5 stars

We were most fortunate and are extremely grateful to Robyn Cumming from Rob’s Massage in Gin Gin who voluntarily worked with Dave for an hour last night, giving up her own time well after normal business hours. The generosity of people such as Robyn is so greatly appreciated, and goes along way to helping keep Dave as healthy as possible. Thank you Robyn! Dave had his deepest sleep yet and we now (Tues 28 April) continue the north ward bound march along the Bruce Highway towards Miriam Vale.


Dave Alley
5 stars

I broke my leg 4 years ago and never expected to walk properly again. Robyn insisted that she could get that leg back to normal, and blow me down, she did! I am so grateful to be on my feet and active again. What wonderful healing hands you have Rob!

Pauline Bos
5 stars

Hi all I have had very pain back and neck pain for many years after a very bad bike smash and have lived on pain killers since 2002 and I went to see Robyn and had the new Scenar and I have no pain and have cut my pain killers almost right out which I’m very grateful. So thank you Robyn so much.

Jamie Bein
5 stars

7/3/15 – Highly recommend Rob. She has been treating my shoulder using Scenar Therapy. I had tried physio without any improvement. In a short time with Rob, I am pain free.

12/3/15 – Another great Scenar Session today. Great to be getting movement in my arm and shoulder. Thanks, Rob.

Katrina Weismann
5 stars

To all my Facebook friends suffering with bad pain that just wont go away you need to contact this lady, Rob’s Massage Gin Gin Q the Scenar therapy is amazing, I would highly recommend it .

Debbie Knowles
5 stars

I am a dance teacher and rely on my body to be in great form and no injuries. I hurt my side and went straight to Robs massage. She recommended I have Bio Scenar.

In just 1 hour treatment and 2 follow treatment s of half an hour, my injury was completely healed. Its amazing as you can feel the area repairing and getting better. I highly recommend this treatment !!

Tara Thompson