Dr Graeme Massagers

Several years ago Dr Graeme, a Chiropractor practicing in Victoria, Australia was looking for a serious hand held massager his patients could use at home to get the extra quality massage they needed.


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Eventually he found a massager that had an excellent ergonomic shape and a good hammer mechanism, but the internal components were of poor quality. Dr Graeme had a factory build those poor quality parts with a good quality motor, bearings and switch. That became the first Deep Tissue Massager.

It is easy enough for patients to use at home, yet out-performs most higher price professional massagers. They are now used by thousands of practitioners across over 20 countries, and are used in a large number of university courses including Physiotherapy, Chiropactic, Osteopath, Myotherapy and Exercise Physiology.

Robs Massage proudly endorses the use of the general purpose massager as an important part of your therapy. Rob aims to discount this product low enough to be affordable for everyone. At just $99, one time payment, your body will thank you for years to come! To order your massager today, email Rob for payment options. (not big on paypal, but we can work it out)